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In Our House – Quarantine Week 1 // The Not So Mommy Blogs by Seattle Wedding Photographer Tonie Christine

Mar 26, 2020

We started our “Stay Home Stay Safe” Social Distancing a few days before the general public. (About a week before) I only state this to say that I am on week 2.5 of staying home and sheesh, I’m plum tuckered out. Mainly over kids. Yes, I did just complain, and YES I do realize how privileged I am and how great of a family and life I have. BUT, it’s still hard, for reasons you won’t see or read in this post, but just family and emotional ones. I’m allowed to have my feelin’s yall 😉 and they have been FLOOOOOOwing this week… just ask my poor husband… the tears were a flowin’.

When I was told “people are staying home, like we are going lock down, buy extra groceries..” from my husband while at the store, I almost laughed out loud… and then 24 hours later you could literally find me pacing in my living room saying “Tell me to stay home and I’ll turn around and say ‘just WATCH me leave!’ UGH THIS IS AWFUL!” …. so yea, I am not great at being told what to do. But once the initial “shock” wore off after 24 hours. I settled down a bit….and then I decided to BUCK up and just simply document it. NOT in really cool ways, just in the normal everyday AVERAGE way and to try to find creative ways to time stamp it, or to help me remember and even CHERISH this time at home. So I take 1-5 photos a day. That’s all. Some might make sense and some might not, but they will for me, and the “Not So Mommy Blog” series that I have run since getting pregnant with my first born, has ALWAYS been a real, raw and honest post of life as it is. So that’s what this will be too. Cheers to the quarantine and making memories. The good ones, the bad ones and the ones you would usually just forget. likit

Decided to try to organize the toys… so naturally I begged Eric to build me some shelves in the only storage closet we have.

Mommy mowing the lawn and kids getting a free ride!

The play room every 2.5 seconds after mommy has cleaned it up.

Daddy takes a quick work break only to find Knighton has a blow out…. BEWARE… real sh** photos following.

Yes, I found him like this and shot the photo before I removed him.

The only gardening I do…. annuals in the two little flower pots at the start of the garden.

Bathtime, all the time. Everyday. Sometimes twice.

When the kids find the toys you put on your front porch to donate to others in the community…..

Delivering Aunty Sarah (Mommies Best Freind) a birthday gift and wanting to sing happy birthday from a distance! Knighton was screaming “Knock! knock! LOUDER LOUDER!” as we were pulling out of the driveway since we realized she was not at home.

Our Super Nona (My Mom) reading stories to the kids over factime

If you could only HEAR the squeals when daddy says “I gonna GIT YOU!!!!” …. running around the kitchen island is their favorite activity.

Yup, attempting potty trainning

Knighton burned his hand and this was after 45 min of HARD crying, both mommy and Knighton ad he finally figured out that he could keep his hand in the glass to help the owie go away. :/






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