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Welcoming Luxe Wedding Albums to Tonie Christine Photography – Seattle and Destination Wedding Photographer

Jan 29, 2014

I felt like a kid in a candy store, or maybe a kid on Christmas morning… and it may sound silly to say that about someone else’s wedding album arriving at my doorstep, but it’s TRUE!

I spent a long time researching albums, asking other photographers, looking at samples and so much more and just decided to take the plunge with KISS Books. (sorry brides, these are only avaialble to purchase through photographers, but you can garantee that it’s going to be great that way!) Due to the quality I had seen through countless other blog posts I just knew I needed to see them in action for myself. I am not one to just buy anything. I want quality and I want good quality. That is exactly what I got with KISS Books! In addition, I am thrilled to know that online tools like Printed Memories helps create a personalized photo book, perfect if you want to create custom designs. There’s just so much of good stuffs in the internet today.

I am so excited to be able to offer these to my wedding couples this year and even have 2 past brides who are now ordering them! YAY! I will be offering 3 different sizes and the option to add in more page spreads if you like. The linen and leather swatches I have provide a great visual to what your album could look like. Take a peek below and swoon with me as I sniff the Tuscan leather I chose to cover this book with and get excited about your luxe album too!





  1. Taylor Nicole Wall says:

    This is super rad! I’d love to see one of these next time we’re together.

you said:

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