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“My Fairytale is No Fairytale” Part V – The Grand Finale and a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

May 24, 2014

Two months after we met, Dylan, Eric’s roommate, made a bet with us and said that if indeed we got married, on our wedding day I had to take a bite of a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwhich…. I had never had one and have always thought they sounded GROSS! (I am sure I had one as a child but no memory of it what-so-ever) So there next to our wedding cake sat a perfect PB&J Sandwhich that E fed me instead of cake. For the record, I still think they are gross.

Our story only begins the afternoon of May 25th, 2013. God Blessed us with an incredible story to share with others, and one that is filled with His grace and His Love. Tomorrow marks one year of marriage for E and I. I am forever thankful for the memories we share for the hope of the future and memories that are yet to be made!

Here is a look at our Wedding and Reception thanks to Pawel Bebenca Photography.

Don’t forget you can read the first four parts of this series under “Personal” Posts on my blog!




PawelbebencaPhotography.tnewedding_0279PawelbebencaPhotography.tnewedding_0280PawelbebencaPhotography.tnewedding_0281PawelbebencaPhotography.tnewedding_0282PawelbebencaPhotography.tnewedding_0283PawelbebencaPhotography.tnewedding_0284PawelbebencaPhotography.tnewedding_0285PawelbebencaPhotography.tnewedding_0286PawelbebencaPhotography.tnewedding_0287PawelbebencaPhotography.tnewedding_0288 PawelbebencaPhotography.tnewedding_0289PawelbebencaPhotography.tnewedding_0290PawelbebencaPhotography.tnewedding_0291PawelbebencaPhotography.tnewedding_0292PawelbebencaPhotography.tnewedding_0293PawelbebencaPhotography.tnewedding_0294PawelbebencaPhotography.tnewedding_0295PawelbebencaPhotography.tnewedding_0296PawelbebencaPhotography.tnewedding_0297PawelbebencaPhotography.tnewedding_0298





  1. Alex Jacobson says:

    Tonie the photographs are beautiful! As is your story.

    However, I do have a request. I think when you return from Ireland you need one follow-up post. Consider it an encore. 🙂

    I’d love for you to share the details of how the decorations came to be… Share about the teacups… The poem on the teacups… Or just how things kind of unfolded while you were there. I think one of the coolest parts of what you did in Ireland was allowing the venue and the location to dictate your Decor. You used found treasure to make almost everything come to life. Plus I think you should totally share about the Irish custom of the wedding that extends throughout the day… There were some things that were really different culturally about your wedding because you chose an overseas location. Can you share these details?!

  2. Michele Wiler Kolbas says:

    Beautiful!!! I agree with the other comment posted that you need an encore post when you return from your trip! Happy Anniversary and thank you for sharing your story with all of us romantics out here!

  3. Kacee Detwiler says:

    Loved it!

  4. Aleya Veach says:

    I like how you had your wedding party lined up. And can’t believe you hadn’t had PB&J 😉 Thank you for posting! I very much enjoyed reading/seeing everything and you’re right you are so BLESSED! God is good 🙂

  5. Kristen Newman says:

    Oh my gosh I just love your story. Happy 1 year Anniversary and cheers to many many many more memorable adventures for you two!

  6. Kelcie Lomas says:

    beautiful wedding!!

  7. Nancy Jones says:

    The whole series has been wonderful! What a story of God’s grace and His love! I love how these photos of the wedding reflect your priorities. BTW Happy anniversary to you both!

  8. Erin Harper says:

    Beautiful story 🙂 I’ve been following along. I cried at the video of E proposing

  9. Traci Thompson says:

    Made it to the end! Your story inspires me and makes me hopeful, and just happy! Ps: i also think pb&j sandwiches are gross! Lol

  10. Laura LoPresto says:

    What a beautiful story!! I loved reading it! God is good 🙂

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