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My Home Office Packaging Station // Seattle Wedding Photographer Tonie Christine //

Oct 17, 2014

SO it’s no secret that I am a HUGE fan, of all things black, white and gold! 🙂 It’s been this way ever since I was in 6th grade and my dad bought me my FIRST piece of gold jewelry that was a purity ring… (you can read about that right here… but that’s a different subject..)

So I have been working hard on making my home office a space that accomplishes the following:

1.) Reflects my brand and what I Love

2.) Does not break the bank!

3.) MOST IMPORTANTLY: Its not just cute, but it’s REALLY REALLY functional.

I have a hard time being organized when it comes to my office… I mean usually its a super big mess and honestly thats the time that I can indeed locate everything I need! The second I “clean up” I loose my mind looking for things… (anyone else?!?!) That being said, I had been looking for a long time for a “console” or “buffet” or “desk-like” thing that could act as a wrapping and packaging station for me. When I thought I had done all my research and found “.. that PERECT THING E… I promise it’s perfect and so worth the money!” I drug E to World Market.. only for him to put his amazing practical mind to use to show me that what I wanted to buy was not at all what I needed it for…. But alas, his willingness to set me straight led to a MUCH cheaper and more effective set up that I am SO SO pleased with!

I had bought this little wood dresser (or maybe its a TV stand) on Craigslist a while ago (for 35$ and yes I talked him down to that from 50$ haha!) and spray painted it black and added gold wheels to it! Then to my surprise, as E and I were shopping at Ikea I saw the little metal rod and basket thing and measured it right there on the spot! It was perfect for holding the white tissue paper I had previously wanted a drawer for- AND the little metal basket was put to GREAT use with these awesome Vintage Jars my mom had bought for E and I as a wedding gift that say “Sexauer” on them!! (that’s our last name folks… get your head out of the gutter 😉 ) So that being said, here is my new and improved $12 Ikea set up and saved me from spending about $500 on a new piece of furniture and has been PERFECT for my new “packaging station”!


TonieChristinePhotography.HomeOffice.ClientPackaging.SeattleWeddingPhotographer_0102TonieChristinePhotography.HomeOffice.ClientPackaging.SeattleWeddingPhotographer_0101TonieChristinePhotography.HomeOffice.ClientPackaging.SeattleWeddingPhotographer_0103TonieChristinePhotography.HomeOffice.ClientPackaging.SeattleWeddingPhotographer_0104TonieChristinePhotography.HomeOffice.ClientPackaging.SeattleWeddingPhotographer_0105My Home Office Packaging Station // Seattle Wedding Photographer Tonie Christine //



  1. Rikki Rivera Koch says:

    So great! I love all the little details 🙂

  2. Wendy Duchemin says:


  3. Wendy Duchemin says:

    come and help me! 🙂

  4. Alex Jacobson says:

    It’s perfect!!!!

  5. Rebecca Anne Mortensen says:

    So lovely!!! I need to do this too!! I have a great pinterest board going for what I want my office to look like but definitely need to actually make it happen!

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